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January 26, 2012
Posted in news

First images of the new Rokinon 8mm for NEX!


Rokinon/Samyang posted the first image of the 8mm fisheye E-mount lens on facebook. Below you find images of the lens and image samples taken with the lens. The Rokinon will be available in March.

Reminder: In USA the company uses the “Rokinon” name (here on Amazon), in Europe they are branded as “Samyang” (here on eBay), in UK you can find them with the name “Wallimex” (here on Amazon UK).

Thanks Alfonso

January 26, 2012
Posted in deals

Sony NEX-7 shipping on February 10th in USA? NEX-5n hotseller at Amazon.

Sorry guys, I just noticed that the NEX-7 link I gave you yesterday had an error. Here is the correct link to the NEX-7 body preorder at Bhphoto: Meanwhile a SAR readers contacted me to say that they called Sonystore to preorder the NEX-7 body at Sonystore USA (Click here) . The answer was that it will ship on February 10th. This is probably right seeing that BH is accepting preorders.

And now that the NEX-5n is back in Stock at Amazon (Click here) it is again the most sold mirrorless camera (Click here to see the ranking). P.S.: That GE camera that is on top is certainly a mistake made by Amazon (not a mirrorless camera!).


January 26, 2012
Posted in rumors

(SR5) The next SLT camera is the A55 successor!

I have been told by some sources that the next SLT camera to be announced is the A55 successor. It should arrive within the next few months and certainly before the fullframe A99 (which will be announced in late August/early September). I am very curious to see what kind of sensor it will use. I have been told it is a “new” sensor (with less than 20 Megapixels). it will not have the super high resolution of the Sony A77, nor the top body quality, nor the same fast fps and advanced viewfinder. But this may become a real High ISO King camera!

As usual, if you have some rumor to share contact me at or send me an anonymous message by using the contact form you see here on the right sidebar. Thanks!

A77 in Stock status:
The A77 body is now in Stock at BHphoto (Click here), Amazon Japan (Click here).
The A77+16-50mm lens is now in Stock at BHphoto (Click here), Amazon Germany (Click here), Amazon France (Click here), Amazon Japan (Click here).

January 26, 2012
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HOT! NEX-7 in Stock now in ALL Europe!!!! UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Sweden, Switzerland…

For the first time all Sony stores in Europe now have the NEX-7 body in Stock. Click on these direct links to buy your NEX-7!

In Stock at Sonystore Germany (Click here).
In Stock at Amazon UK (Click here). -> Update: now sold out in UK.
In Stock at Sonystore France (Click here).
In Stock at Sonystore Netherland (Click here).
In Stock at Sonystore Italy (Click here).
In Stock at Sonystore Sweden (Click here).
In Stock at Sonystore Switzerland (Click here).
BHphoto (Click here) is accepting preorders (means that it will ship soon!).

The kit version will be available much later so go for the body only instead and buy the lens separately! Here are all links I usually check to see if the Zeiss 24mm for NEX is in Stock. Click on it: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay

January 25, 2012
Posted in deals

NEX-7 now available for preorder at BHphoto (Both A77 kits in Stock)

This is a sign that the new NEX-7 bodies will indeed be shipped to USA within the next few weeks. BHphoto (Click here) is finally accepting preorders on the NEX-7!

P.S.: A few A77 bodies are in Stock at Bhphoto (Click here). Also the A77+16-50mm is in Stock at BHphoto (Click here).

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