Sony A560 tested at DxOmark


DxOmark added the test results of the Sony A560. As you can see from the image above the performance is very close to the NEX-5 whereby it shares the same sensor. The Sony A560 is currently in Stock at Amazon US (Click here) but not in Europe.

P.S.: Take a little bit of time to read the following article at Luminous Landscape: “An Analysis by Peter van den Hamer“. It explains how DxO tests the cameras. And those are just a few interesting info from the article:

  • newer models generally outperform older models. In particular, the newest APS-C models (Nikon’s D7000 and Pentax’ K-5 and Sony Alpha 580) outperform the older 1.3× sensors and even most full-frame (1.0×) sensors due to a significantly lower noise floor.
  • The performance of the mirrorless Sony NEX-5 is in line with its 1.5× APS-C sensor. Its mirrorless design and its use of an electronic viewfinder have no impact on image quality: a classic SLR swings its mirror out of the way during the actual exposure. So the lack of a mirror doesn’t affect image quality.
  • The Sony Alpha 55 , with its notable semi-transparent[4] mirror, performs roughly as you would expect given its APS-C sensor. But because its semi-transparent mirror doesn’t swing out of the way, 30% of the light never reaches the sensor. Note the performance gap between the Alpha 55 on the one hand and the Nikon D7000 or Pentax K-5 or Sony’s own Alpha 580: the higher score (lower noise) of the latter group could be explained[5] by the light diverted by the Alpha 55’s stationary semi-transparent mirror.

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