Sony FanBoy video at Digitalrev. A99 for $2499. Message to square sensor source.


The video on top is made again by that crazy Kai from Digitalrev! A noble attempt to make a joke about the “fanboyism” culture :)  But we have to admit…the last two days have been that frustrating for us (see unspectacular CP+ announcements and fw upgrade) that we certainly have no reason to be a Sony fanboy!

Now lemme focus again on future news. I just got a weird info about a possible Sony square sensor from an anonymous source. As I have no other way to contact him than writing within that official SAR post I may ask the source to contact me directly at Thanks! And you SAR readers keep feet on earth. This is just an anonymous message and often those messages are not right at all.

A99 price drops:
That said I noticed that Cameraland keeps selling small numbers of new A99 cameras for $2,499 on eBay (Click here). They keep posting such deals 1-2 times per week. To get notified when this happens login and save this search on our eBay application Slidoo (Click here).


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