Sony manager Kenta Honjo says new Full Frame E-mount cameras are coming very soon!


Mr. Kenta from Sony has been interviewed by Dpreview and he spilled out some info particularly about the next generation E-mount FF:

1) We will try to get A6000 AF performance on the next generation FF E-mount cameras
2) New generation of Full Frame E-mount cameras is coming very soon.
3) we are aiming sport and pro photographers with the next generation(s) of FF E-mount
4) We are seeing the transition from DSLR to Mirrorless happening. DSLR will remain in a very high end niche.
5) The Telephoto prime lens (300mm) is something we get asked to make from our users
6) We don’t know if A and E-mount will merge one day. For now we keep developing booth.
7) The number one key tech to acquire customers is develop autofocusing
8) Next generation FF E-mount cameras will get more customizability

So what are yout thoughts about that interview? It’s very clear Sony is betting high on the new FF E-mount generation cameras. And like I told you many times in those weeks…something big is coming early 2015! Stay tuned on SAR!


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