Sony NEX-7 sensor gets DxOmarked! It is the Sony camera with the best overall score!


And here we are. The NEX-7 shares the same A77 sensor. But are the results the same? Is the semi transparent mirror taking away some bits of image quality? DxOmark (Click here) tested the NEX-7 image quality and the answer is that the NEX-7 is by a tiny bit better than the A77. De facto it is the Sony camera with the best results to date (even better than the A900 full frame camera).

As you can see form the screenshot on top the NEX-7 has a slightly higher dynamic range an color depth than the A77 (but the difference is negligible). But High ISO results are visible better thna the A77. Only the A900 can beat the High ISO results of the NEX-7. Now imagine what a NEX-9 full frame camera could do :)

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Thanks OneGuy

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