Sony roundup…


Sony A99 hands-on by expertreviews. A99 photos at Nikolaovcharski.
Nex-6 image samples at Techradar.
Full resolution charts of the new Sigma A-mount lenses at SonyAlphaLab.
300F2.8 SSM GII hands-on at Dpreview forum.
Voigtlander 90mm f/3.5 lenses on a Sony NEX-7 (Soundimagesplus).
VG900 testvideo at Videoaktiv.
Sharon Stone uses a Sony NEX camera! Pictures at Dailymail.
Impressive comparison of the improved low light performance of Electronic Viewfinder of the A99 compared to A77. Thread shows images when looking through A99 and A77 EVF in very low light (ISO1600)