Sony RX100 tested by dpreview (gets a Silver award)


Again a Sony RX100 news :)
Dpreview (Click here) The biggest camera review site on earth (and known universe) posted the full Sony RX100 test results: “Overall, it’s flexible and dependable tool that lets you take as much or as little control as you want. It’s not a perfect camera, but it’s hard to think of another that includes so much capability and yet still fits in your pocket. Not to be underestimated.

Some links to yesterdays RX100 news:
The many RX100 owners may be happy to know that Adobe (Click here) now supports the RX1oo (link via Outbackphoto). The RX100 popularity can be also notice by reading the huge amount of user reviews on Amazon (Click here to see the list). A good deal is available via Beach Camera (lot of extras!). First impressions at ThePhoBlographer. And don’t forget that there is a new RX100 filter adapter (Click here)