Sony vs Leica reloaded. RX1 vs $8,000 Leica M. Will Sony kill Leica?


What a luck. Some of the commenter’s on SAR argued that the Leica M-E cannot be compared with the Sony RX1 because the Leica uses an older sensor. And guess what happened. Right now DxOmark published the full Leica M results too (Click here to see the test). You may don’t know it but the Leica M has a Full Frame 24 Megapixel sensor like the Sony RX1 and costs $6,995 at BHphoto (Click here). And  this is the price you pay for the body only :)

Accoridng to DxO the Sony RX1 again outperforms the Leica. At that point I am wondering what will happen with Leica if Sony really launches the $4,000 NEX-FF. Will Sony kill Leica?


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