(SR5) A99 has phase detection pixel on sensor!


The A99 will be the first Full Frame SLT camera. And we just heard a bit of a surprising news from top sources. The A99 24 Megapixel sensor has phase detection AF pixels on sensor too! Like the upcoming NEX-5R and NEX-6 cameras. I guess you now have one major question…why the hell have phase detection pixels on sensor when there is already a Phase detection module capturing a percentage of the light reflected by the semitransparent mirror? We have been told that the accuracy and speed can be improved through that dual phase detection system. Multiple sources already told us the AF speed is amazingly fast and very accurate in their first testings with the camera.

Some of the sources told me this is the fastest AF of any DSLR and the video quality is also better than the Canon 5DmarkIII. No info yet about the image quality yet. I am working on many new rumors. Stay tuned, i think there is still room fro some other surprise!

One more thing: NEX announcement date is August 28th! Be sure to be on SAR on that day!



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