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NEX-5R announcement on August 29th (SLT, E-mount FF and NEX-6 in September)


Quick update about the announcement date. It looks like Sony is going to have an announcement of the NEX-5R only(!) on August 29th in the afternoon (European time). The A99, NEX-6, NEX and Alpha lenses and the E-mount FF surprise are going to be announced in mid September. P.S.: August 29th is next Wednesday.

Something terrific: I am now writing my next rumor. It is a must read rumor for all film makers and it concerns the new E-mount FF camcorder(s). I just got a surprising info (rated SR5)…it is so surprising that I bet that film makers on different forums will write that I invented the rumor. I expect many personal attacks and SAR denigration. I ask all these guys to just wait until mid September before to kill me…ok? :)

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