Still fixing some stuff on the new server..


Damn, since we moved on the new server I am working all the time to fix some stuff:
1) Comment system isn’t working well. Your comments do get stored but you wills ee an error page after sending the comment. And you can back to SAR only after 30sec. Annoying!
2) Contact form: Messages will NOT be sent.
3) You cannot register on SAR.

I am spending a lot of time on this right now with my other two “rumor colleagues”. Will let you know when everything is fixed. One thing is sure, there is no more malware anymore. Completely gone and website safe and secure now (we added some measures to block that stuff).

Anyway, I am still working on rumors in the meanwhile. I have one major rumor, but I am going to post it only when everything above has been fixed! Thanks for your understanding, believe me, I am so tired and frustrated now… :(


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