The Hasselblad Lunar gets delayed too!


After the NEX-7n also the Hasselblad Lunar announcement has been delayed! Amateur Photographer reports that: “Hasselblad has since told AP that the Lunar is ‘scheduled’ for June availability, but its spokesperson did not give a reason for the later launch date.


…This is just pure speculation but try to put together the puzzles and you get this:
1) First SAR got info that the NEX-7 successor could be announced in April.
2) Then Hasselblad told Amateur Photogrpaher that they would launch the Lunar in April
3) SAR reports the NEX-7 successor launch has been delayed
4) Now Hasselblad delay’s the launch of the Lunar too

If there is a connection between the news than we can assume that:
1) The Lunar is actually based on the new NEX-7n and not on the current NEX-7. And that could be the reason why Hasselbald had to delay the launch -> because Sony delayed the NEX-7n release and Hasselblad can’t steal the show :)
2) If the Lunar will get announced in June than this means the NEX-7n will come in June too :)

Of course, that’s just me speculating. Am I wrong? Sources are welcome to share their thoughts about my theory by sending me a message at or by using the anonymous contact form. Thanks!


Source: Amateur Photographer (found via Photorumors).


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