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A personal note before the next rumor storm (NEX-FF, A-mount, RX and QX).


The last four weeks have been very busy for me. First I had a vacation that I mostly spent on rumor work and now one week of busy time for the company I work for. I am writing this because you have to know that this is a website driven by one man only (me) who writes in a terrible english (my native language are German and Italian) and by using my limited free time. So if the articles were worse than usual know that I was terribly busy the last month.

The good news for you is that I “was” busy. Starting from tomorrow I will have more time to work on rumors and on more decently written articles :)
Today I will contact all my trusted sources to get some details on the NEX-FF, RX and A-mount rumor front. All I can tell you for now is that Sony is spending more effort than usual to keep the secret around the new NEX-FF and A-mount products. And this is a good sign, it means something very important is going to happen soon.

So stay tuned on SAR and remember, QX lenscameras are coming next week (Sept. 4). And major pro camera and lens release is expected in late September. Be ready for an exciting time on SAR

Three more notes:
– I do agree with you. The A99, NEX-7 firmware update is disappointing
– A trusted sources that shared the wrong A3000 in body IS info sent me the “official” excuses because of the mistake (he read the wrong data on the menu-manual). Apologies accepted ;)
– Thank to all people who donated the money necessary to cover the server upgrade (and extra bandwidth costs). Future donations are no more needed to cover these costs. But if you want you can donate for the next SonyAlphaRumors redesign that I plan to do in late 2013. In very short what I will do is to improve the comment system, article readability and include more visibility for readers articles.


P.S.: To be very honest…I was close to a burn out lately. I hope the SAR redesign will make it easier for SAR readers to write articles without my approval. So that I can rest soemtimes…

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