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Again, the new FF RX is not a replacement for the current RX1.

[shoplink 18872 ebay]

[/shoplink] I read some comment and got some mails with questions about the new RX FF pocket camera. Once again I want to make it clear that the RX1 is not going to be replaced. What’s coming by end of August is a “variation” of the RX1 and will certainly not replace it. I am still working on the specs but I think the new RX may be even a tiny bit more expensive than the current RX1. If you want the RX1 you have no reason to wait unless of course you have four months time to wait until you can get the new RX (In October-November).

The best price you can find in Europe is at [shoplink 18872 ebay]Photodirekt UK (2566 Euro, shipd to all Europe and no tax to pay)[/shoplink]. In USA you can buy it for the normal price at Amazon US (Click here) and get 4% back as reward!

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