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(SR5) A55 and A33 in Stock by end of September! A560/580 price. Amateur Photographers writes about the A55 and A33


Some more infos:

1) The [shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink] and [shoplink 3620]Sony A33[/shoplink] will be in Stock by late September-early October

2) The A560 costs $649 body only and $749 with kit. the A580 $100 more.

3) Flash is very high (?)

4) metal func-dial (like A100)

5) less noise than Canon (and better video than Canon). That’s a result of tests made by some of our sources!

Very important, after tomorrow’s announcement there will be new rumors about next Cameras and Lenses. The NEX and the translucent cameras are the first part of Sonys revolution. After that it’s time to satisfy the pro market ;)

UPDATE: Amateur Photographer removed the article!

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