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At last some serious styles! Capture One Launches Editorial Color Grading Styles made by celebrated photographers and retouchers


This is quite a unique offer: Celebrated photographers and retouchers created a set of special Capture One Style packages (Click here). This is some serious styles and not baby-gimmicks as offered by so many other on the web. Among them we have professional retouchist Pratik Naik which works with Sony cameras too :)

Don’t forget these Styles are made to work with the new Capture One 12. You can get a special discounted Sony version if you don’t want to pay the full price (Click here).

You can see the effects here (Click on it to enlarge):

These are three separate packages for $34 or 38 Euro each. But if you get them all three you pay $69 or 79 Euro only (Click here).

Press text:

Capture One Launches Editorial Color Grading Styles
Bringing the coveted styles of top photographers & retouchers exclusively to Capture One

COPENHAGEN, February 7, 2019:

Capture One, the world’s premier name in image processing software, has released the Editorial Color Grading Style Pack. The Style Pack brings within reach of any user, for the first time, the editorial aesthetic of 3 acclaimed photographers and retouchers whose work can be found in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan among others.

Michael Woloszynowicz, Marie Bärsch, and Pratik Naik are all celebrated photographers and retouchers with hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers, and years of published work to their names. Their approach is at once contemporary and timeless, and they have chosen to work specifically with Capture One to create 7 Styles each that reflect their individual aesthetic.
Capture One Styles are precisely-designed presets that adjust the overall look and feel of an image with one click yet allow the image to be fully tuned and refined to suit individual taste. With the option to add each Style as a layer and control its intensity, and use multiple layers and Styles per image, Capture One Styles can serve as either a starting point or finishing touch or to give a specific nuanced flair.

The Editorial Color Grading Pack includes 3 sets of 7 Styles made by Michael, Marie, and Pratik, giving a total of 21 unique Styles to choose from. The wide variation of Styles provides countless possibilities to create professional and distinguished editorial images, be it fashion, street, travel, wedding, portraiture, and any other genre of your editorial work.

Pricing and Availability
The Editorial Color Grading Style Pack is available now at the Capture One e-store:
The Styles can be purchased per pack or as an Editorial Color Grading Styles Kit where all 3 packs are added for the cost of 2.
Price per Style Pack:
EUR: 39. USD: 34. GBP: 34.
Price for Editorial Color Grading Styles Kit: EUR: 78. USD: 68. GBP: 68.

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