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Brand new Sony patent shows Curved Sensor FF camera with 35mm lens (and some variations).



The newly published (March 19) US patent “20150077619” describes what will likely become the first Curved Sensor Full Frame camera (probably the RX2). That’s what Sony writes:

Patent Background:

In recent years, the need for brightness of a shooting lens and an increase in the size of an imaging element which is effective in implementing low-noise shooting and a high dynamic range has increased, not to mention the need for an increase in image quality, a reduction in size, and a reduction in thickness.

Patent Summary:

The present technology is made to solve the above-mentioned problems, and it is desirable to provide a lens optical unit and an imaging device, which are capable of implementing high optical performance by performing size reduction and sufficient field curvature correction.
An imaging plane of the solid-state image sensor has a non-planar shape that causes a sag amount in an optical axis direction to increase as a distance from an optical axis increases, and a conditional expression (1) is satisfied (1) ρ×Sag>0, where ρ represents a Petzval curvature of an optical unit represented by

SAR resume: The patent says “non-planar” (curved) sensor allow lenses to be more compact compared to lenses designed for “planar” (flat) sensors. And they actually share full specs of those lenses

Full Frame lenses (RX2?):
29.96mm f/2.06 (likely to become a 30mm f/2.0)
36mm f/1.85 (likely to become a 35mm f/1.8)
36mm f/2.85 (likely to become a 35mm f/2.8)
36mm f/2.26 (likely to become a 35mm f/2.0)

For smaller sensors (1 inch RX100m4?):
10,79-25mm f/2.8-5.4


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