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Canon aims even higher: First leaked image of the superflagship EOS-R3 camera


Canon plans to introduce a new very high end mirrorless camera that will compete against the A1 and A9II cameras. It will be interesting to see if Sony has any plan to answer to it.

CanonWatch writes:

The EOS R3 is the direct competitor to the Nikon Z 9. We expect Canon to announce the development of the Canon EOS R3 very soon, most likely within April 2021.
We think the Canon EOS R3 might be one of the professional EOS R cameras on EOS-1D X level we were expecting. So, no EOS R1? Or will the Canon EOS R1 be even more pro-oriented? The EOS R3 has the ergonomics and the vertical grip of the EOS 1D lineup, and shows all external signs of a professional camera. The EOS R3 might be a professional sports camera, and so let some room for the EOS R1. A professional sport camera would perfectly fit with the Olympics this year. The right lenses are also on their way. We do not think the EOS R3 is the anticipated high resolution EOS R camera.

via Nokishita

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