(UPDATED) New NEX-5r and NEX-6 Gariz case (and ref Rokinon stuff).

[shoplink 15853 ebay][/shoplink]

The luxury leather case producer Gariz announced a new case for the NEX-5r. You can buy it (and see more pics) on their [shoplink 15853 ebay]eBay store (Click here)[/shoplink]. There is also a [shoplink 15887 ebay]Light Brown (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 15888 ebay]Brown (Click here)[/shoplink] version. Gariz has also some other little leather accesories for the NEX-5r like lens cap and bags (look here via Slidoo eBay).

UDPATE: Gariz also released three different NEX-6 case: [shoplink 15882 ebay]Brown (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 15884 ebay]Black (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 15883 ebay]AllBlack (Click here)[/shoplink]. (full list at Slidoo).


P.S.: USA refurbished deal:
Rokinon (via Slidoo eBay).

New RX1 reviews and in Stock status. (RX1 was(!) in Stock at Amazon US)

For the first time the RX1 is (now was!) listed as in Stock at Amazon US (via third party reseller). There is only one in Stock and I guess the deal will last for a couple of minutes only :( A couple of more cameras can be found on eBay (via Slidoo). But mostly overpriced.

Our Australian readers are also getting their RX1 cameras and they shared two impression reviews at Calebluke and Nexusers. Eleven user reviews can be read at Amazon US.

And if you need a battery be aware that you find some cheap third party alternative on [shoplink 15857 ebay]eBay[/shoplink] (let me know how they work!).

Click these links to check price and in Stock status: Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Wex UK ,Wex Germany, Sonystore DEUKFRITESNLSEFICH and more links at Alphacameradeals. Save $170 by simply purchasing the $7 cheap chinese metal hood ([shoplink 15410 ebay]there is one here on eBay[/shoplink]) instead of the original expensive Sony hood.

Save $140 on the Sigma 30mm 1.4. Update on the Sony RX1 availability at Adorama.

The current Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC got a $140 rebate at BHphoto (Click here). And there are still some ongoing Sigma and NEX deals at Amazon (Check that deals overview page).

And the wrong Sony RX1 in Stock status info at Adorama (Click here) now got fixed. They now marked the product as “Available for pre-order – Shipping; in Limited Quantity“. Helene from Adorama was kind enough ot post a comment on SAR:
We DID receive a delivery; our automated inventory system would have shown them in stock when they were unloaded and scanned into our system. However, as we had more back-orders than units delivered, there are back-orders still to be filled when we get our next delivery. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an ETA from the manufacturer.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

Some A99 price drops in US (-$150) and Europe…

The first small price drops in Germany: Source: Idealo.


We have a first deal on the A99. You save $150 on [shoplink 15768 ebay]BigValue (Click here)[/shoplink]. Or A99 superkits offer for the same price as the body at [shoplink 15770 ebay]Buydig (Click here)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 15769 ebay]Adorama (Click here)[/shoplink].
Login our little new Slidoo eBay site and save this A99 search to get notified on eBay deals.

There have been an official 40 Euro price drop in Germany at Wexphotographic. If you like to take risks than there is a Luxemburg’s store selling the A99 for 2650 Euro on [shoplink 15767 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink] and for 2450 Euro at [shoplink 15766 ebay]UKbnsuk (Click here)[/shoplink]. Both write that there are no import taxes to pay.
Check out Slidoo Europe to find and/or get notified on eBay A99 deals.

USA deals: New NEX bundle and NEX-6 deal.

Sony launched a new NEX bundle program and you can learn more about it at AlphaCameradeals.

And we have the first small price drops on the new NEX-6 body only: $20 at [shoplink 15789 ebay]BigValue (Click here)[/shoplink] and 50 Euro at [shoplink 15790 ebay]FotoMundus (Click here)[/shoplink].

Reminder: $100 drop on three NEX cameras at Amazon (Click here to learn more about it). There is also a deal running on Cybershot cameras (Click here)