New Sony Alpha NEX-3 / NEX-5 review at Cameralabs

Sony Alpha NEX-5 sample movie – indoor handheld from Gordon Laing (Cameralabs) on Vimeo.

Cameralabs is one of my preferred websites and they just published the new Sony Alpha NEX-3 / NEX-5 review (click here). The first line of their conclusions says: “The Sony Alpha NEX-5 is one of the most impressive, exciting and enjoyable cameras we’ve used for a long time.” :)

One more NEX news: David Kilpatrick tested the NEX-5 live sound (Click here to read the article at Photoclubalpha)

If you don’t own a NEX camera use those shop links to check for price and availability:

NEX5 (Click on store name): / Adorama / BHphoto / eBay

NEX-3: / Adorama / BHphoto / eBay

NEX & Leica love: the Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1.0

Imagine how it would be to use a [shoplink 3874]$6,550.00 lens[/shoplink] on you NEX camera! Yes such an expensive lens does really exist and of course it is a Leica ;)

Darren Chan posted some image samples on flickr taken with the NEX-5 and the Noctilux. Some other image samples have been also posted on SonyAlphaNex. That’s almost all you can find on the web, not many user are going to buy that lens to use it on the Sony camera! Check out the [shoplink 3874]Noctilux auctions on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink] to see how much that lens costs. If you need a very fast lens for your camera I suggest you to wait for our next post where we will show you “cheaper” alternatives!

P.S.: You can use Leica lenses only [shoplink 3491]via M-mount to E-mount adapter[/shoplink]

If you have want to share your NEX + third party lens images contact us at Thanks!

Sony TidBits

Testing the [shoplink 3003]Sony NEX-5[/shoplink] with AVCHD 1080
Lenses used:
sony original 16mm nex lens
Kipon Nex to nikon adapter with:
Nikkor 85 1.8
Nikkor 50 1.4

CZ 16-80mm
Adobe Profile made by David Kilpatrick at Photoclubalpha

Sony NEX Converted to IR Infrared (Pbase)

Interesting, now we have two reviews of Sony cameras that are going to be replaced: Sony Alpha A500 Camera Review at and Sony A550 Review at Photographyblog.

Sony Alpha A390 review at Techradar.

Canon 5Dmk2 vs [shoplink 3032]Sony a900[/shoplink] Dynamic range test (Dpreview)

First Hands-on with Sony’s new 24mm Carl Zeiss lens

(Credit: Leonard Goh/CNET Asia)

Asia CNET had the chance to hold the new Sony Zeiss 24mm f/2.0 lens: “Although the lens we got is a pre-production unit, we were impressed by the smooth and precise focusing it offered.” Read more:

A preview and some image samples have been posted on Dpreview (Click here)

You can pre-order the Sony Zeiss 24mm f/2.0 lens on BHphoto (Click here)

NEX & Voigländer love: The 35mm and 40mm f/1.4 lenses

As you know we started a new SonyAlphaRumors section. Many manufactors are building more and more adapters for E-mount cameras. And we want to see how those third-party lenses do work on our NEX cameras! I would be happy if you send me your images taken with third party lenses and also some nice cameraporn pictures :)

Today we show you the Voigländer 35mm and 40mm f/1.4 lenses. They are both M-mount lenses so you need to use [shoplink 3491]the Leica M-mount to E-mount adapter (just click here to check out the whole list of available adapters on eBay)[/shoplink] [shoplink 3717]The Voigtländer 35mm f/1.4 lens[/shoplink] Let’s start with the cameraporn: An image of the Sony NEX-5 + 35mm lens is available here at Flickr and here again at Flickr. As you can see it’s a pretty compact and nice combination!
Image samples are available at Flickr.
To buy the lens and for price informations just [shoplink 3717]check out for current eBay auctions (click here)[/shoplink].

[shoplink 3718]The Voigtländer 35mm f/1.4 lens[/shoplink] We found some nice images on Clubsnap. Pictures were taken handheld, edited but without noise reduction done. All taken at f/2-2.8 aperture. There is also one image on Flickr
To buy the 40mm lens and for price informations just [shoplink 3718]check out for current eBay auctions (click here)[/shoplink].

Do you have some more image samples or camerporn pics to share? Comment this post or send us an email!