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Comeptition: Canon R1 will not be launched before end 2024…barely before the new Sony A1II


As expected, all those rumors were totally unfounded. The Canon R1 is not coming any time soon!

I told you previously to not trust all those specs you read on the web, and I told you my trusted sources did not get ANYTHING about a possible Canon R1 release any time soon. Latest rumors do now say that we will get first a new R5II in late Spring and the R1 sometimes after that.

What does this mean for Sony?
With the upcoming major A1 firmware update and the fact that Canon is late with the R1, Sony doesn’t have to rush with the release of the A1II. Like I told you before at best we are getting the A1II in November….but my bet is on an early 2025 announcement.

via CR

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