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Competition: Canon EOS R1 rumors downgraded from being “stunning” to “average”


It’s now a year we keep reading stunning rumors about the Canon R1 having global shutter, crazy high Megapixel sensors and other stunning features. A potential Sony A1 killer!

Well now according to latest rumors the camera will:

  • NOT have global shutter
  • NOT have 8K
  • Have a resolution below 45MP

This is not a “Schadensfreude” post. I would have loved the R1 to be competitive against the Sony A1 and future Sony A1II. And I know rumors can be wrong (like it happens to me rarely). But I found it rather bizarre how dramatic those rumored specs changed. But if the R1 will be an “average” good camera the real danger for Sony will remain the extremely good Nikon Z8/Z9 cameras…or the Panasonic S High Resolution camera that I KNOW is coming this year ;)

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