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Confirmed: Sony ZV-E10II is coming in Spring time!


Through trusted sources, I can now confirm with certainty that we will get the new ZV-E10II before the summer. I have not yet received an exact announcement date… but I suspect we’ll see the new camera sometime between February and April.

The sources haven’t revealed any details yet, so we can only speculate on the specs. My best guess:

Curiosity: The current ZV-E10 is still the best selling mirrorless camera at Amazon US.

To recap: We should get a new E-mount cine camera first, followed by the new ZV-E10II vlogger camera. But just like last year, we expect more interesting Alpha bodies to be announced after the ZV announcement. See this screenshot of the 2023 announcement from Dpreview:

I don’t have anything solid yet about those Alpha bodies but my guess is that the A7sIV is coming next…some times after the ZV-E10II announcement.

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