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David Kilpatrick “predictions”


The very known Alphamount “guru” David Kilpatrick wrote down a mix of rumors-speculations:

1) “Don’t buy any current Alpha mount lenses, as the next year will see revisions to the existing designs, of that I am sure.”

2) “The Alpha 7XX (750?) will have 1080i video and exactly the same sensor as the NEX5/3. It will not have Quick View live view, but an update to MF Focus Check Live View incorporating Contrast Detect focusing exactly as in the NEX5. The optical viewfinder will be comparable to the A700, and it will have SSS.

3) “new 16-80mm with SSM and improved overall build quality.This lens will also be totally compatible with the NEX and Alpha adaptor.

4) “Two other lenses which must be revised are the 11-18mm (replaced with a 10-24mm SAM) and the 18-250mm (replaced with an 18-270mm SAM OSS). They will also replace the Sony 75-300mm with an SSM OSS 70-300mm f/4-5.6 if they stick with Tamron. And I think they will ad the 60mm f/2 Tamron macro to the Sony range as a SAM lens.”

source: Photoclubalpha

Thanks R.K. for sending the link!

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