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Is Peter Lindgren “using” the FX30 in this video?


UPDATE: At minute 5:21 he openly makes it clear he is using a new kind of unannounced camera. He always shoots Sony and it’s highly likely this video was shot on the FX30 don’t you think? And there is also a well known German Youtuber that is testing a camera “he cannot name yet”.

I believe in both videos you see images shot with the FX30.

FX30 specs:

  • 26MP APS-C sensor
  • similar FX3 body and similar FX3 specs
  • same FX3 interface (from latest firmware)
  • unconfirmed: Price around $2,500
  • announcement in late September

UPDATE: I updated this post because it appears that the very first shoots at the beginning where taken on the A7sIII. Only afterwards he uses the FX30 to record images.

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