DxOmark says: A99 new full-frame sensor is Sony’s best yet.


DxOmark (Click here) just published their full Sony A99 sensor test. And it scores right in the middle between the Canon and Nikon Full Frame. The only real downside is the Low Light performance which is less good compared to Canon and Nikons score. But if you shoot at Low ISO than the A99 is on par with the best Nikon FF and far better than the Canon. DxO writes: “The use of Sony’s SLT technology in its top-of-the-line full-frame shooter delivers both pros and cons. The obvious downside is low-light performance compared to its closest competitors. The upside to the technology, of course is fast performance with full-time live view and continuous autofocus, which makes the A99 one of the best choices among semi-pro cameras for shooting video.

It’s a good result for the A99 and at leats for me color depth and dynamic range are far more important than the image quality at 6400 ISO :)

I suspect that the Sony RX1 will score an even better results because of the lack of the transparent mirror. And this may another a good reason why a NEX FF makes sense…don’t you think?


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