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Exactly one year ago (+1 day) Sony announced the last A-mount camera!


[shoplink 24708 ebay]


Exaclty One Yeard and One day ago Sony announced the last A-mount camera, the [shoplink 24708 ebay]Sony A58[/shoplink]. I know some of you complained that I was bringing to many E-mount news but as you see, this happens only because Sony decided to focus on the E-mount and RX camera development.

But now the long wait has an end and my trusted sources confirmed new A-mount cameras will come very soon. I am not 100% sure yet but the first camera could be announced in late March or early April. What we also know for sure is that the new A-mount cameras will focus on speed. EVF refresh rate much improved, Hybrid AF even a tiny bit faster than the one used on the A6000, on sensor phase detection pixels and likely same A7 and A7r resolution sensor.

The big question is: Will they have SLT tech? I know Sony developed both, completely mirrorless and SLT A-mount cameras. Latest I heard is that it has SLT btu I am still not sure about it.

Stay tuned, some exciting time ahead of us! And finally some smiles for A-mount lovers :)

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