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First rumors about possible unexpected Sony camera surprise…


I told you a couple of times that for sure this year we will get the A7RV and A9III. Both cameras will be on market for the second half of the year only due the worldwide sensor chip shortage. But last in December I also started to get some “hints” about unexpected new E-mount gear. And now that I got the same “hint” from three different sources I will share with you what this is about:

Basically there is a chance that Sony might introduce something “different” and “new”. Not a successor of a current existing camera. The sources didn’t tell me what this might be. So don’t read too much into it for now. The last time we rumored about something “new” we got the Sony A7C that didn’t really meet the high expectations. I hope to get more info about this model soon…

What do you think...what "new" camera should be done by Sony?

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