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First Sony A6700 rumored specs


By end of May Sony will announce a new ZV1 successor. But you will not have to wait long time to see the new High End APS-C camera announcement.

TRUSTED sources told us the new High End camera will start shipping out in August. Announcement will obviously happen before that.

TWO NEW sources shared following info on this camera:

  • Name: a6700
  • Sensor: 26mp (same FX30 sensor).
  • IBIS: 7 stops
  • Ai processor (same Sony ZV-E1 processor)
  • 4k120 (1.19 crop)
  • The body will be a new design. It will still have the evf on the left, but it will have a scroll wheel on the front under the shutter button. The grip is redesigned and  more ergonomic. The body will be about 3mm deeper and 4mm taller.
  • Announcement date: beginning of July.

I am yet not 100% sure if those specs are correct, hope trusted sources will give me their feedback after reading this post. But to me those specs sound very reasonable and I explain you in my latest video why these might be correct:

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