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FUTURE Sony cameras: The A6xxx, A9III, A7sIII and many more need a replacement in 2023!


We ain’t getting any new camera in November-December. But in 2023 a lot of Sony Alpha cameras are due for a replacement:

  • Sony A6600 (August 28, 2019) 3 years and 4 months old
  • Sony A6100 (August 28, 2019) 3 years and 4 months old
  • Sony A9II (October 3, 2019) 3 years and 2 months old
  • Sony A7sIII (July 28, 2020) 2 years and 4 months old
  • Sony A7c (September 15, 2020)  2 years and 2 months old
  • Sony A1 (January 26, 2021) 1 year and 11 months old

Consider that on average Sony announces a camera replacement after 3 years and you will quickly notice a surprisingly large number of cameras will be 3+ year old in 2023!

  • A6xxx:
    The A6xxx line has to be updated in 2023 if Sony still wants to be considered as a serious APS-C contender. And recently Sony stated clearly that they have to release new APS-C bodies: “Unfortunately, I can’t mention future products in detail, but yes, we understand the market demand for APS-C models as well, and we’ve never stopped development of them.”
  • A9III:
    I also do believe the A9III is coming in 2023. I have no solid specs yet but I discussed some wild rumors on my latest youtube video.
  • A7sIV:
    I got no info about a possible A7sIV in 2023. But maybe towards the end of the year we will get an 8K A7sIV too?
  • A7cII:
    I see this likely to be announced in 2023. Basically again a copy paste model of the current A7IV.
  • Sony A1II:
    I think it’s more likely we will get this camera in 2024.

In this list I didn’t mention possible ZV or RX fixed lens cameras…but this is worth to be talked about in a future new post :)

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