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Hasselblad CEO confirms: No more Sony clones. But huge surprise instead…



Well the fun is over guys! Hasselblad CEO just confirmed their Sony luxury clone cameras project is dead. There will be no more funny cameras like the one pictured above :)

Instead the new CEO Perry Oosting will redirect the company back to it’s original history. And he says “Without breaking the news embargo, I can say confidently that, in the case of one wholly new model in particular, photography fans will be over the moon.

Hasselblad confirmed a couple of months ago they will strengthen the partnership with Sony. So it’s not impossible that the “new model” will feature the new Sony 100 Megapixel medium format sensor. And I bet it will be a mirrorless system camera! My dream could become true soon… [shoplink 37985 ebay]Hasselblad X-Pan (here on eBay)[/shoplink] with 100MP sensor?

[shoplink 37985 ebay]Hasselblad_Xpan[/shoplink]

via and Mirrorlessrumors


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