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Sorry folks: Supposedly Sony A7sIII image doens’t tell us anything at all :(


UPDATE: I edited this post and corrected the mistake I made after your suggestion. Feeling an IDIOT for having posted wrongly flipped images :(

Here is the photo I got of a Sony covered camera used just recently by a world known youtuber. The youtuber told him he is testing a new model but I don’t know if:

1) that’s true at all
2) what model this might be

So take this as a “non useful” image. We need more to see what it really is:



This next part is purely speculative: Back in July I posted the full IMX521 sensor specs. This is a 15MP sensor with Quad Array structure. It might be good for the A7sIII but this is purely speculative as of now! Here is the full spec sheet:

But like I said, the new A7sIII sensor might be completely different and use a Higher Resolution (24MP?) sensor…

Additional note: The previously posted A7sIII images were fakes and I removed them after you made me notice them. Thanks and I feel bad for this :(

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