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I want this rumor to be true even it’s highly likely to be not: New Sony 200mp 54×36 sensor?


Image of one of the patented Sony medium format lenses

Then only thing I know for sure, is that Sony patented some medium format lenses. But all the rest is purely speculation and very wild rumors. One wild rumors I got is this one:

the medium format system Sony will release in 2 years has not curved sensor, its a new developed 200mp 54×36 sensor in a new mount, Sony will release an adapter to use E lenses (just they can say it had a lot of compatibility lenses cause the system will be released with only 3 primes) and will be a system without mechanical shutter with flash sync faster than anything in the market by far, its a system targeted for ultimate studio work

Now, this is not from one of my trusted source so there is a high chance it’s wrong. Still I post this because I would damn love it to be true!

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