(SR5) UPDATED: First leaked picture/video of the new Sony A99!


UPDATE: Under the request of the youtube video owner I had to remove the screenshot of the videos. The video itself aslo has been removed from youtube.com. At least this is a proof that this was indeed the new A99.


An anonymous reader just sent me a link to the video. It shows the National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita in Yellowstone. The anonymous reader said the Hot Shoe looks different from the Sony A77 and this camera may be the real A99. Watch the video onThe A77 uses a smaller Minolta Hot Shoe while the A99 will use a standard Hot Shoe. The lens should be the Zeiss 16-35mm f/2.8 UDPATE: Michael Yamashita itself posted a short message on Instagram (Click here) saying “shooting for Sony“.

Important UPDATE: it is the A99! Just check that picture found via Twitter. Click on it to enlarge. You see the “A99” writing on the strap? Lol! :)


Here are some images of the A77 hot shoe (Credit BHphoto). Click on it to enlarge:

And this is a Real A99 sketch (Click on it to enlarge):

Important: The announcement of the A99 along the NEX-6, A and E-mount lenses is scheduled for September 12th! Stay tuned on SAR on that day! Subscribe the RSS feed and join the Facebook page to not miss any new rumor!


For reference: Sony A77 product photos and specs links at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay.