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Jackar 34mm f/1.8 lens now in Stock and shipping via eBay.



Last week I reported about that new Jackar 34mm f/1.8 lens with native E-mount.  The lens is right now in Stock and shipping on [shoplink 15707 ebay]eBay (Click here to check price and shipping terms)[/shoplink].

As I have told you this is a manual lens and all specs and images can be read/seen at and on Flickr. It’s absed on the design of current C-mount lenses that usuall sell for [shoplink 15551 ebay] $40 here on eBay[/shoplink]. But they changed the material, finishing, the ring is larger and turning has been improved. Plus the lenses are multi-coated and of course mount is NEX. It comes with a lens hood and genuine leather case as you see form the images below. So is it worthy to pay more for it? That is a question you have to answer for yourself :)

eBay auction found via Slidoo.

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