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Let’s discuss those “allegedly” leaked Sony A7rV specs


My take on the spec list. Warning: Sorry for my hair after the cold shower ;)

Two weeks ago I got this Sony A7rV spec list form a unknown sources. I did decide not o post it because I wanted to wait and gather some info from trusted sources. But now the very same source shared the spec list to other websites and forums and I had to share my view on this for you.

There are three reasons why it’s unlikely this is the accurate spec list.

  1. Unknown source that suddenly claims to know a long list of A7r5 specs
  2. The spec list is so detailed, we never got such kind of leak before
  3. Camera will be announced in autumn, so unlikely someone has the spec list yet

The spec list might be close to the real deal because many updates sound reasonable and because Sony is known to make incremental updates. So for example I bet the 8k30p rumor is correct. And so might eb the resolution of the Viewfinder LCD screen and so forth because the A7rV is likely to incorporate the same A1, A7sIII and A7iV updates.

But the big discussion I want to have with you know is this one:

If the spec list is accurate...would you consider this to be a worthy successor?

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I hope trusted sources will read this post and give me a quick take on the spec list. To learn what’s correct and what’s not. I will give you some updates soon therefore, to not miss any rumors, I kindly invite you all to follow the Discord channel, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and my new Youtube channel.


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