My 2013 Sony release prediction…


The following post is a mix of rumors and speculations about the possible new cameras and lenses from Sony. This is not an SR5 rumor :)

RX Cybershot:
Sony is quite happy with the success of their RX100 and RX1 cameras. And they definitely will keep going on with new camera release. It’s pretty obvious that there is plenty of room for an RX10 camera with ASP-C sensor. The question is how will they make it? My guess is that it will have a fixed prime lens to make the camera very compact.
Another question is, will there be a variations within the same series? For example an RX2 with a 50mm f/1.7 equivalent lens. Or an RX101 with a wider (and slower) zoom range.

Sony NEX:
There will be plenty of of new cameras and lenses. I expect a new NEX-3 model and probably a NEX-7 successor too. Unlike previous years there will be finally more new lens than new camera announcements :)
We know three new Zeiss primes with full electronic support are going to be launched in Spring 2013. There will be a new 85mm f/1.8 lens and a 3-4 more new Sony E-mount lenses. But let’s not forget that we can pretty much be sure that also Tamron, Sigma and other manufacturers will announce new lenses too.

Sony FF NEX:
As I told you last week Sony is working on the camera development and an exact time release hasn’t been set yet. It all depends from how things will work out. They want the camera to be damn good, like a Pro DSLR from Nikon and Canon. My guess is that the camera will hit the stores in early 2014 only. There may be some announcement or prototype shown in late 2013.

Sony SLT:
I already told you about four new A-mount lenses that will be launched within the next six months and the most interesting one is the Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 lens. We will have both, new entry level and new semi pro SLT APS-C cameras. It will be highly unlikely that Sony will launch a new SLT FF cameras in 2013.

Unlike Canon and Nikon Sony is always good for a surprise! Never be sure what’s in the engineers head. So how could a surprise look like? A 50+ Megapixel A1x SLT camera, a new 3 layer sensor (foveon similar), or the come back of optical viewfinders. But those are just dreams for now…or not? :)

And now, what is your Sony camera wish for 2013?

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