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New Alexander Svet Book about Capture One: Get 10% off using our code “RUMOR”


Alexander Svet new book about Capture One is now available here. You can download chapters and sample styles for free. And if you want to buy it use our code “RUMOR” to get 10% off!

Capture One Hidden Features eBook:

  • 200+ pro hints to enhance your Сapture One workflow
  • Capture One Hidden Features is a collection of more than 200 pro hints to improve your Capture One workflow, structured into an easy-to-read book.
  • This book was created for Capture One users who are familiar with all the essential features and are looking to discover advanced tools and workflow hints.
  • Capture One Hidden Features comes in two formats, PDF and ePUB, so it’s super convenient to read from your iPad, laptop, or phone.
  • The book has already been acclaimed by the top Capture One experts and industry professionals.
  • You’ll get three bonuses with the book: 1) Dynamic Symmetry grids for Capture One that allow you to evaluate composition faster. 2) 10 styles for Capture One 3) 5 Style Brushes for Capture One
  • The full book includes: 200+ pro hints, 40 chapters, 234 pages.
  • Still in doubt? Read what other Capture One photographers are saying about the book:

Pro Color Grading Styles:

  • 50 styles for Capture One to apply various color gradings
  • The styles allow you to apply various color gradings to your images quickly. Just scroll through the styles, and you’ll find the look that fits your image best.
  • Using the styles, you can quickly evaluate how different color schemes affect your image.
  • All the styles support layers, and you’ll also get 50 style brushes to draw with the same color gradings on your image.
  • The styles are also compatible with Capture One for iPad. You can enhance your iPad workflow with the desktop Capture One color grading tools.
  • There are four types of styles in the set: Portrait styles, Landscape styles, Travel/Street Photography styles, and Universal styles. The set includes: 17 Travel/Street Photography styles, 9 Portrait styles, 14 Universal styles, 10 Landscape styles.
  • Portrait styles (look for the P in the name) adjust your image more gently with a focus on skin tone color.
  • Travel/Street Photography styles (the TS in the name) are designed to enhance images taken on the streets or a trip.
  • Landscape styles (the L in the name) offer color grading solutions for familiar landscape scenes, from breezy seascapes to autumn landscapes.
  • Universal styles (the U in the name) might fit entirely different photography genres depending on the opacity of a layer.
  • All the Pro Color Grading Set styles support layers, including B&W styles. In the case of B&W styles, the opacity will impact saturation, bringing out color into your image. Thus, it makes sense to adjust the opacity of B&W styles to get a semi-desaturated look.
  • Apart from 50 color grading styles, you’ll get 50 style brushes to draw with the same color gradings on your image quickly.

Bundle deals:

Learn everything about the new book on Alexander Svets website.

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