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Next FAKE rumor about an APS-C 36MP sensor


This is the second rumor I have to debunk this week.

  1. After other rumor sites reported an A5 teaser I had to debunk it by sharing the source of the designer who made it (Note: On those rumor sites this story has still not be marked as debunked)
  2. Today another so-called rumor site who NEVER had one single own rumor correctly posted on their site shared a rumor about a new 36MP ASP-C sensor for the A6700 or RX100 camera series. That’s a completely made up and 100% fake rumor for sure.

Both rumor came from the same source on Weibo who is known to share fantasies. So if the rumor is solely based on that particular source it’s not even a rumor :) UPDATE: And just to be clear:

We got similar 36MP sensor rumors from unreliable sources in the past (and they were posted with low ranking value). In time we debunked those rumors too. I have no issues with low ranked rumors from uncertain sources being wrong (although it’s always a pain in the ass for me anyway). Making rumors is not an exact science as you know well. But taking 100% verified false sources like the one Weibo guy is not to be compared with a low ranked rumor. There is a difference posting something you are uncertain about and posting about something you know it’s from a false source.

As we are not perfect expect me always to make some mistakes. And I will always try to improve. But for me it’s still important to remind you that we are also the only one having posted plentiful of correct rumors like these from the last 6 months:
Sony A9.
100-400mm FE.
85mm FE.
100mm STF.
16-35mm GM
135mm Batis

Thanks to readers and even competition sites for the critics. I read them, sometimes they make me sad and upset but I always try to learn from it. And thanks to the sources who in the last eight months made me definitely make a big step forward in the rumor quality.


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