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Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount autofocus adapter is now available on eBay

[shoplink 45278 ebay]commlite[/shoplink]

Nikon F lens owner can finally grab their autofocus E-mount adapter on [shoplink 45278 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

1. Exif Transmitting, Aperture Control functions supports nearly all Sony E-Mount Cameras (Excluding Sony Camcorders)
Notice: This function is only for EMD and Pull-rod Aperture lens (Such as: G Type, E Type, and Partial D Type Lens)
2. AF Function(Current V02 Firmware) supports ‘Phase Detection Mode’ only of Sony A7RII, A7MII (A7II , A7MKII) Camera.
Notice: This function is only for AF-I, AF-S lens those come with internal lens motor (Such as: G Type, Partial E-type Lens)
3. VR Function supports all VR lens(The lens comes with VR function) and Non-VR lens(The lens comes with no VR function but can reach VR through activating Camera’s VR ).

Full description and NIkon F compatibility list can be read on the [shoplink 45278 ebay]eBay auction page (Click here)[/shoplink].

found via Brian Smith

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