Paul Genge again: “New DSLR introduction is highly unlikely.” -> Wait for the A99!!!

We already heard this a couple of days ago at Techradar (Click here). Now Paul Genge from Sony UK released another similar statement at Amateur Photographer (Click here). He confirmed that “Given the level of investment Sony is putting into SLT, it is highly unlikely we will ever introduce another DSLR…

And David Kilpatrick (Click here) reminded us the content of the last conversation he had with Paul Genge: “Paul Genge had a short exchange of information with me when I was considering selling my Alpha 900 and all my frame Alpha lenses (after starting to use the A77). He said I’d regret selling my good full frame lenses when I replaced my Alpha 900 with a full frame model I would just not believe. His message was ‘you wait – you’ll not regret it’.

Yes, Paul, we are waiting and waiting and waiting…but don’t let us wait to much! The Nikon D800 and Canon 5DmarkII are a big temptaton for many people out there!