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Rayqual and Novoflex will soon release NEX adapters


RayqualRayqualRayqualRayqualRayqualRayqualRayqualRayqualRayqualRayqualRayqual will make NEX adapters for Nikon, Canon FD, Pentax and Leica. The price range will be $210-$275. The adapters will be available in July.

NovoflexNovoflexNovoflexNovoflexNovoflexNovoflexNovoflexNovoflexNovoflexNovoflexNovoflex will also make new adapters for Nikon, Leica R, Minolta MD /MC, Canon FD, Pentax K, Contax/Yashica and M42. Price range: 89€ – 169€.

Source: Systemkamera-forum (google english translation)

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