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Reminder: Master Your Alpha: This Course from the Hollywood Art Institute Is Just $19


We all love new gear. But buying a new camera won’t make you a great photographer. If you would like to hone your skills, the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course is definitely worth your attention.

Featuring 56 hours of expert tutorials that are accessible for photographers of all experience levels, the course is now only $19 to SAR readers — that’s over $2,500 off the list price.

Whether you’re a casual weekend shooter or an aspiring pro, improving your technique can make a huge impact on your photography. Delivered by Level-3 Certified Pro Tutors, this course helps you learn from the best.

Through 22 modules, you learn how to escape Auto mode and take full control of your Sony kit. This includes detailed tutorials on aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition, lighting, and much more.

Along with video lessons, you get access to articles, ebooks, flashcards, and quizzes. To extend your learning journey, every student also receives a five-year subscription to the Pro Article Database.

Students have rated this training content 4.5 stars, and your lifetime access to it means you can revisit it anytime. When you’re done, claim your certificate and display it on your portfolio site.

Order today for just $19 to start learning and save 99% on the full price.

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