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RUMOR: Sony A7CII coming in 2023


This will come as a uprise to nobody, but a trusted source said it’s highly likely the A7cII is going to be announced in 2023. A second new source (therefore unreliable for now!) added this info:

We can expect A7C II next year. Sony already reserved some components from A7IV for “another camera” including for example sensor and IBIS. Also they scheduled increased production ONLY for EVF from A7C mk1 for this year. So we are expecting A7C II same specs as A7IV, redesigned shell but same EVF like mk1.

It’s super safe to say the A7cII will have the same A7IV specs. but if the second source is right the EVF might be the one of the A7c only! I hope this new source is definitely WRONG on this part.

Reminder: Both the A9III and A7cIII are now solidly confirmed to be coming in 2023. But there is more to come don’t worry as you can hear me teasing in this video:

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