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RUMOR: There is a chance Sony will announce a curved sensor RX Full Frame camera on Tuesday!


Unlike the previous Sony A7sIII and A7c announcements Sony is having a very “close” announcement. Only Sony Tokyo knows about this “new mysterious announcement”.

I now got contacted by a trusted long time source. This time he told me that he didn’t see the new camera…and all he got was unofficial chatter. So this time he cant be sure about the validity of the info he got. But what he heard is this:

  1. On Tuesday Sony will launch a new RX camera with the world’s first Full frame curved sensor. This is why Sony teases it with “The one never seen”
  2. It uses a lens that is faster than the Sony RX1RII (which has a Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 lens).

What he is 100% sure about is that Sony will have many more camera announcements this year (including one camera announcement to follow soon after January 26). We know Sony registered three new camera codes in Asia and I expect A9III (or whatever name will be) and the A7IV to follow this RX announcement (If the RX rumor is true).

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