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Rumor time: NEX-FF, Mirrorless A-mount and NEX-7 successor…


It’s a hot July Monday and it may doesn’t appear like that but I am working on a massive amount of rumors. This is one of the rare times where I feel something big will happen in the next months. Working with sources I noticed how much effort Sony puts to hide the new NEX and A-mount roadmap. Everything is more secret than ever and some false rumors have been spread around too. That’s why you see me post only 20% of the rumors I get. I usually wait weeks or even months before to post a rumor because I need time to bust or confirm the rumor. Even trusted sources got wrong info from their Sony connections.

That said, something big is going on. The new Sony CEO speeded up and strengthened the NEX and A-mount roadmap. They know they can’t afford to waste resources like they did the past years. Sony knows they have to seriously challenge Nikon and Canon in the more profitable high end camera business. And most of the rumors I get in these months are about high end APS-C or FF cameras, for both NEX and A-mount systems.

I will keep working on all font’s the next days and weeks but there is really little time left until the big showdown begins. Here is just a short summary of what we can expect:

After a long delay the NEX-7 successor is scheduled to be announced in late August-early September. With shipment due in October. The cause of the delay could have been a pre-production hardware issue on the camera that had to be fixed. New lenses are coming too (High grade zoom, 85mm fast lens and probably one more lens).

APS-C A-mount:
There was an A77 successor on schedule for summertime release. The name was A88. But like I told you before it looks like Sony dropped this from the roadmap. And by early 2014 you can expect the release of the first mirrorless APS-C A-mount cameras. They will maintain the classic DSLR shape but have an updated design. It may be that Sony anticipates the new A-mount mirrorless technology in some kind of press announcement in autumn. Just to create some excitement. Would be nice!

This is the front I worked most the last couple of days. It seems that first final decision has been taken and I will post some rumors about that soon. The good news is that very high quality Glass (also from Zeiss) will come.

FF A-mount:
At least two new FF cameras are expected to be launched in 2014. And the first one is coming very early 2014 (January-February). Also in that case I am waiting some time to get multiple confirmation about the specs. High megapixel sensor, mirrorless tech, on sensor PDAF, and much improved EVF are the key features of those new cameras.

Personal SAR note:
From November on I will definitely work on a brand new SAR theme completely separated from the other rumors sites. it’s time to become independent and to improve things. I want to be ready for the stormy discussion on the new NEX-FF and A-mount mirrorless cameras.

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