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Sir Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony) in Businessweek (via alphamountworld)


Businessweek made an interesting interview with Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony). Click here to read the whole interview “Why Sony Is About to Snap Back

Here you have a small part of the interview:

CHARLIE ROSE (Businessweek)
“What will you say at CES about Sony’s product lineup?”

“This year we’re going to swamp the marketplace with innovation and new products, and we’re going to particularly focus on 3D because we have so many assets compared with anybody else—from cameras to projectors to 3D video games to TVs to Blu-ray—everything can be 3D with us. Size finally matters again, so that is an advantage we intend to demonstrate at CES.

P.S.: thanks “Eneuman” form alphamountworld forum

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