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Sony A9II announcement in 2-3 hours


The Sony A9II will be announced today around  16-17:00 Berlin time. This is a very hush hush announcement with no live stream available. I have been told the big press events will be hold towards the PhotoPLus show and it’s only by  than that most people will be able to try the camera.

No other product will be announced today along the A9II

I got no reliable info about the camera specs yet. So I am only posting the last minute rumors I got that are completely unverified:

Source 1 (updated):

I heard this product is 100% for professional photographers who prioritize operability, network speed. and reliability.
It has almost same spec(24MP, 20FPS) as A9.

Source 2:

SONY a9ii will have a Q67 CFA, and thus in a sense always working on super sampling mode.
OC AF system can do 120AF/s, but due to the ISP the final spec might subject to change.

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