Sony new financial report…


The Sony mirrorless market share in Japan


Yesterday BCNranking (translation here) posted the market shares of the mirrorless market in Japan. As you see Sony is the second top player. But how is Sony doing financially? Today Sony released that pdf document (Click to download). In short: The company lost $198 million in Q2 but that’s much lass than they amount they lost in Q1 ($312). But forecast data looks good and Sony should go back to profit by end of 2013. What do we know about the digital camera business?

The imaging division that includes Digital Imaging Products and Professional Solutions categories. had a slightly revenue drop from ¥219.1 (Q1) to ¥182.6 (Q2) but there is still an operating income plus of ¥2.6 (numbers in millions). Sony writes that “This decrease was primarily due to a significant decrease in unit sales of compact digital cameras reflecting a contraction of the low-end of the market resulting from popularization of smartphones as well as a slowing economy.“. But the forecats prediction says that “Sales are expected to increase and operating income is expected to increase significantly year-on-year.

What is Sony’s goal for the imaging business? Here it is:
Although the market for compact digital cameras continues to contract, Sony is working to restore profitability through reinforcement of its high value added products such as those that are differentiated through the use of highly competitive image sensors developed by Sony. For interchangeable single lens cameras, which are enjoying a steady expansion of sales, Sony aims to contribute even further to profitability by enhancing product competitiveness through the integration of network functionality and services. Image sensors contributed to profitability this quarter and, with the aim of further expanding profitability, Sony is making additional investments in production capacity to meet the growing demand for high performance image sensors in the growing market for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

P.S.: Unlike it is in Japan you can’t get real market shares data from Europe and US. To get a very basic and non scientific idea of the popularity you can still check the largest online store rankings:
US ranking (Click here), DE ranking (Click here), UK ranking (Click here), FR ranking (Click here).