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Sony NEX success was unexpected. 2012 will be a busy year for engineers!


While talking with my sources about the upcoming year it clearly came out how Sony’s NEX system success has been greater than expected. Sony didn’t think the NEX-7 and NEX-5n would sell that well. For the first time since their entrance in the digital camera market Sony feels like they finally got the attention from the mass market. The NEX system is also the most profitable of all interchangeable system (better than APS-C SLT and better than the future fullframe SLT  cameras). To maximize the momentum Sony decided to redo the whole 2012 NEX roadmap. As I already told you there will be more NEX lenses than originally planed. There will be also many new NEX cameras and I have been told there will be also a “surprise”…a sort of “different” NEX (And I am not talking about the AE hybrid NEX-7 alike camera!).

In concrete, I have been told that we will see many new NEX stuff soon, starting from early Spring 2012. I am working to get the full details of the new roadmap. If you want or can help me send me your rumor at Or use the anonymous contact form you see here on the right sidebar. Every little help…helps! Thanks!

One more thing: You SAR readers choose the NEX-7 as camera of the year 2011 with 2,494 votes (44% of all voters). And the most expected camera of 2012 is the A99 (38%) and the NEX-7 (35%) alike fullframe camera. Keep me updated if you find the NEX-7 to be in Stock somewhere. Would liek you SAR readers to get the camera before other guys ;)  UPDATE: In Stock in Denmark at kamerahuset.

In Stock status check:
A77 at [shopcountry 8461]
A65 at [shopcountry 8459].
Sony NEX-7 [shopcountry 8454].
Sony NEX-5n [shopcountry 8452].
Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8450].
Sony 50mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8448].
Sony 55-210mm [shopcountry 8444].
NEX-5n viewfinder [shopcountry 9110].


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